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The North Carolina EastEnders fan club consists of hundreds of avid EastEnders fans from across the state.
We get together several times a year to share our enthusiasm for Albert Square.

Today through FRIDAY (2/24) — your day to support EastEnders and double your contribution!

Thanks for getting our first-ever EastEnders Week off to a great start! The club has raised $7,885 so far, and we have an event planned for the rest of this week that will empower us to end on an impressive high note.

Announcing EastEnders Match Day, where your gift will double, thanks to a matching challenge by our dynamic duo, Dr. Emilie de Luca and Linda Fineman. Starting today, Dr. de Luca and Linda will match up to $7,000 in contributions, which means a total of $14,000 in support of EE!

While Dr. de Luca and Linda may be small in stature, they are very big-hearted. Dr. de Luca is one of the leading lights of our fundraising efforts and originated the concept of a challenge for EE fans. Her generous challenges have inspired us to make it to the finish line, consistently meeting our yearly goal.

Linda is the North Carolina EastEnders Fan Club Secretary, and the contributor of the yearly on-air Community Partner Pledge in honor of our club for the past 11 years. This year, she is joining forces with Dr. de Luca to bring you a $7,000 challenge.

Even if you already contributed on our Gift & Collectible Day, please consider a donation for Match Day. No gift is too small, especially when itís instantly doubled! Can our club raise $7,000 in two days? I think we all know the answer to that!

Here are the details for Match Day:

RIGHT NOW through midnight on Friday, February 24!
Make your donation here: EastEnders Match Day
(If you prefer donating by phone, you'll also see that option on the page.)
Note that it is not necessary to register as a PBS Nerd. Anyone can contribute!

Here is a video where you can see Dr. de Luca and Dave Horne (for Linda) presenting their checks.

Check Presentation Video

Come on, gang, we can do it! Head over to the EastEnders Match Day page right now. Thanks and cheers to all!

Saturday, February 25 — Fan Club luncheon at Golden Corral in RTP

Join your fellow EE fans for food, fun, and a much-anticipated presentation by guest speaker Brian Sickora, Executive Director and General Manager of UNC-TV.

RSVP via email or Facebook

EastEnders PBS Nerd site goes live — signup today!

Today we're launching the official PBS Nerd site for EastEnders fans. You'll see an overview of EastEnders Week, which includes our two days of fundraising. More details on that later. For now, we're excited to announce a series of fun challenges that you can start on right away.

The challenges are free and strictly for your enjoyment, as a way to celebrate your EE spirit and inner nerd! You'll also be helping to promote the show to a wider audience, since PBS Nerd is a national initiative. There will be an exciting mix of awards and prizes, so don't miss out! Note that the dates of the challenges run from today through February 25. The website is being updated to reflect that (right now it says Feb. 1-8).

Below is a Quick Start guide, which you'll find very simple to follow. Please share this message with your EE friends in other states, since the challenges are open to any and all fans of the show.

  1. Go to unctv.org/eenerd
  2. Click on the gray button to "Be a PBS Nerd"
  3. Follow the instructions to create your account as an official nerd!

Now that you're registered, complete an EastEnders Challenge! The links are below. (Or you can find them on the unctv.org/eenerd page or by searching the PBS Nerd calendar for the EastEnders Challenges.)

  1. Photo Challenge — Snap a photo of your best costume or recreation of your favorite scene
  2. Video Challenge — Create a video of your best impersonation of a character or scene
  3. Artwork Challenge — Draw or paint your best EE character or scene
  4. Haiku Challenge — Create an EastEnders Haiku!

We'll close here, so you can sign up and become a PBS Nerd for EastEnders. We're looking forward to seeing your challenge entries. We could already name some club members who looked great as Dot, Pat, and Kat at EE Night in 2015 — you know who you are!

Thanks so much for supporting this new initiative for PBS and UNC-TV. It's going to be a fun February!

EastEnders Week on UNC-TV — February 19-25, 2017

Out with the old . . .
   in with the Nerds!

Dave was a nerd even before it became cool!

Greetings, NC EastEnders Fans!

This is the time of year when we usually contact you about volunteering and contributing to UNC-TV in support of EastEnders. We're delighted to tell you that we've been working on an exciting new project with UNC-TV, called the PBS Nerd initiative (think of nerd in this context as "super fan"). Our fan club will be taking center stage as a sponsor and active participant of PBS Nerd.

This will replace the partnership we had with the station during their annual fundraiser (formally called FESTIVAL), providing a new format that will give us greater exposure and reach, among other benefits.

The new initiative will run during the month of February, but we will be a main focus of the activities during "EastEnders Week", from February 19-25. We'll feature a combination of fundraising activities and exciting member challenges as part of PBS Nerd!

First, some background: UNC-TV is changing their on-air fundraising, based on feedback that they've had from their members and viewers over the years, asking them to cut back on program interruptions and to reduce the amount of live fundraising. In an effort to be good stewards of the valuable contributions they receive and to be responsive to this feedback, they are implementing welcome changes with the Spring Fundraiser in March.

The intention is to reduce program interruptions, while continuing to provide the quality programming you love, utilizing other methods of fundraising. With our leading role in the PBS Nerd initiative, we'll be in the vanguard of these new changes!

Based on past success and your enthusiastic participation, we are extending EastEnders Night to EastEnders Week. We will be exposing EastEnders to a whole new viewer base through this opportunity to participate in a brand new nationwide PBS initiative, while offering even more fun activities for you-the devoted and generous "nerds" of EastEnders!

Here is the exciting lineup:

Sunday, February 19 — Gift & Collectible Day

From 12 noon to midnight, you'll have an opportunity to make a donation and receive the same kind of the fantastic thank-you gifts that you've enjoyed in the past.

Friday, February 24 — Match Day

A few of our regular major donors will be posting a matching gift challenge. Make a gift on this day and it will be matched!

February 19-25 — Challenge Series

Get ready for some EastEnders fun all week long! We'll be posting challenges such as character impersonations, poetry and haikus, paint or draw your best EE scene, snap a photo of you as a character or in a scene. From the photos and videos that you upload, we will issue awards and prizes for the winners.

Saturday, February 25 — Fan Club luncheon at Golden Corral in RTP

Join your fellow EE fans for food, fun, and a much-anticipated presentation by guest speaker Brian Sickora, Executive Director and General Manager of UNC-TV.
RSVP via email or Facebook

More fun will follow EastEnders Week, including a Watch Party at UNC-TV in June. More about that later!

We will be providing details in the days ahead, including the launch of the EastEnders PBS Nerd website, where you'll be able to see all the challenges and start participating. We'll also be following up with specifics about both Gift & Collectible Day and Match Day, including our fundraising goals.

We'll close with a few benefits of the new initiative:

  • Publicity for our fan club and EastEnders, as a major sponsor of PBS Nerd. There will be recognition in print, online, and on the air.
  • Increased flexibility for giving: two full days to pledge your support, receiving a gift and/or making a matching contribution. All from the comfort of your home, without any program interruptions!
  • A series of fun challenges that will let you exercise your creativity, sense of humor, and share your love of EastEnders.
  • The opportunity to be on the ground floor of a new era in PBS fundraising. We're the pioneers!

Looking forward to charting this exciting new territory together!

Dave & Linda

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